New talent pool. Qualified job tandems. Filled positions.

teamup fills vacant full-time positions with qualified applicant teams. For your vacancies, we match individual talents to a job-sharing team based on their profile.

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We rely on a diverse job-seekers

We have set ourselves the goal of finding new and previously undiscovered employees. Through job-sharing, we expand the usual pool of applicants to include the talents that could not be considered so far purely based on their time constraints. We use the resulting diversity of personalities and skills to create a perfect match.

teamup offers companies a modern job-sharing platform to break new ground in terms of recruiting and working models.
Klemens Haselsteiner
CEO Strabag SE
Job-sharing models enrich the possibilities of employers and employees. Behind this is also the challenge of rethinking and redesigning the world of work - teamup is a welcome partner for me in this.
Thomas Cerny
Head of Human Resource Development

Professional matching with a system.

In addition to the “hard facts” such as expertise and location, teamup also matches the human side of the job tandems. With the help of personality analyses and important information on job-sharing, we prepare the job tandems for their assignment at your company. You as the company then carry out your application process with the job tandem as usual.

You tell us what the requirements of your open position are and we find the match that covers all of that. teamup systematically matches the job tandem skills with the attributes you require. Our goal is to fill your position with the best possible skills.

The job-sharing tandems we arrange can not only quickly fill your empty positions, they also have the advantage that in the event of illness, one tandem partner can replace the other. In addition, we offer a guarantee that the tandems we place will be filled if a tandem talent drops out during the probationary period.

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Four simple steps to a job tandem.

Contact us

You tell us which position you are currently looking to fill and what is important to you for a job tandem.

Recruiting with teamup

The modified job advertisement posted on two channels – by you as usual and by us with an additional text on job-sharing.

Matching of candidates to job teams

Using the incoming new applications together with our existing talent pool, we find the right match for you.

Handover of Job tandem

You receive the detailed Job tandem profile and can start usual internal application process.


Job-sharing, explained.

Job-sharing means that two or even more people share one position. This requires close cooperation and regular exchange. At the same time, this unusual form of team building has many advantages. For example, you are assured of holiday and sick leave cover. Two brains can perform better than one and come up with great, creative ideas. Working hours and tasks are coordinated individually by the job team. Both share responsibility for the results of their work.

At management levels, this model is also known as top sharing or co-leadership / dual leadership.

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